Power relay offers energy saving benefits

August 06, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
TTI, Inc., is making available Panasonic’s ALDP relay which is extra slim at 7.0 mm wide by 15 mm high by 20.3 mm long. 

The device is optimized to provide flexibility for designers working on products such as refrigerators, domestic boilers and hot water systems, air conditioning units, fan heaters, microwaves and similar applications used in buildings.  

Panasonic’s ALDP provides an inexpensive solution for switching loads up to 277VAC/5A and also saves energy, as its coil power is low at 200 mW.

Available in all commonly-used coil voltages between 5 VDC and 24 VDC, the ALDP relay can be used in products destined for almost all national and international markets, as it is approved to UL, C-UL and VDE standards. Reliability and quality is assured as devices are 100% tested by Panasonic immediately after manufacture.

ALDP switching relay technical specifications include high insulation resistance - creepage distance and clearances between contact and coil are a minimum of 6 mm in compliance with IEC65. Surge withstand voltage between contact and coil is more than 10,000 V.  The ALDP also offers excellent heat resistance and tracking perfomance to EN60695 (GWT2-11, GWFI2-12, and GWIT2-13). Ambient temperature operating range is -40degC to +85degC.

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