RapidIO ready for 5G and mobile edge computing

February 17, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has released a new generation of RapidIO switches that offer ultra-low port-to-port latency approaching100ns and a flexible, non-blocking fabric with switching performance of 600 Gbps to deliver the most optimized 5G switching solution.

Exceeding the latest RapidIO 10xN specification, IDT's RXS switch family more than doubles the performance of the manufacturer's previous offerings. In addition to 4G LTE-A and 5G, the switches are suitable for applications with intensive bandwidth and low latency requirements such as mobile edge computing, high-performance computing, and data analytics.

Designed to connect computing components that comprise complex processing-intensive electronics such as SoCs, DSPs, FPGAs, and custom ASICs, the RXS2448 and RXS1632 switches come with 24 ports - 48 lanes, and 16 ports - 32 lanes, respectively. They remain backward-compatible with existing RapidIO ecosystems.

Supporting multi-standard (4G and 5G) BTS designs, the RXS switches have the flexibility to operate at the 10xN standard of 10 Gbaud, but can also increase to a 25 percent faster rate of 12.5 Gbaud per lane, expected in a future release of the RapidIO standard. The 100ns port-to-port switch latency translates to sub-200ns memory-to-memory latency between processing elements, critical for RTT and edge analytics in 5G systems. They draw 300mW per 10 Gbps. The RXS2448 comes in a 33x33mm 1024-FCBGA package while the 16-port version is packaged in a 29x29mm 784-FCBGA.

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