High-Power Boost/Sepic/Inverting DC/DC Converters with Fault Protection

April 01, 2011 // By Electronics EETimes

High-powered boost converters have historically suffered from the shortcoming that a DC path exists between the input and output nodes. Fault conditions, such as output shorts, could easily damage or destroy key components in this path. Other topologies, such as the SEPIC or inverting converters can also suffer from faults such as input over voltage or input reverse voltage conditions.

Linear Technology's LT3581 and LT3579 breaks new ground in high-powered monolithic DC/DC converter technology. Besides including high voltage high current power switches (3.3A, 42V for the LT3581 and 6A, 42V for the LT3579), the parts include built in fault protection features. With the addition of a few external components, power conversion circuits build around these parts can survive output shorts, input over voltages, input reverse voltages and over temperature conditions.